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Car and Truck Brake Repair

Brake Repair Corvallis OregonBrake Repair Corvallis Oregon

Problems with your car’s brakes can lead to an accident and serious injury. Periodic brake service should not be overlooked. It’s always better to deal with something through preventative maintenance rather than waiting or ignoring the problem. Badly worn brakes are a safety concern. Auto brake repair can also become quite costly if left unattended; something we’re fairly certain you want to avoid.

Brake pads wear out over time requiring brake service.  Is the ABS light illuminated on your dashboard? Not to worry as Trusty Auto Repair can also handle ABS brake-related issues.

Symptoms of Brake Problems-

  • Your Car’s Brake Light is On: This could be indicating a very serious auto brake repair problem and should not be overlooked. First check to make sure your parking brake is not engaged and that you have enough brake fluid.
  • Grab: If your brakes feel “touchy” or “grab” with the slightest amount of pressure, it could be a very simple problem or it could mean there are loose or broken components that can fail in an emergency
  • Hard Pedal: If you must apply extreme pressure for your brakes to function, you are experiencing “hard pedal.” This can indicate trouble with your power brakes, restricted hydraulic lines, frozen calipers or cylinders, or damaged brake linings.
  • Drag: This occurs when the lining is in contact with the rotor or drum. This can lead to overheating of the brake linings and diminishing of proper braking ability.
  • Squealing: If your vehicle is making a squealing noise while driving that goes away when you apply the brakes, most likely your brake pads are worn enough to allow their sensors to touch the disc brake rotor. You should have your brakes properly inspected.

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